April 30, 2019

Winter Haven Hospital Auxiliary Makes Major Contribution to Winter Haven Hospital Foundation

The Winter Haven Hospital Foundation is pleased to announce a generous donation of $125,000 from the Winter Haven Hospital Auxiliary dedicated to purchase Bladder Scanners for each nursing unit at the hospital. This will help continue to reduce the use/need for Foley catheters, which will in turn reduce our Catheter Acquired Urinary Tract Infections (CAUTI). The bladder scanners are portable ultrasound machines that can detect the amount of urine in the bladder determining if there is a need for a patient to have a Foley catheter to reduce the urine. It will also help reduce team members time in having to go to another unit to obtain the scanner, thus improving nursing care and patient comfort. A big THANK YOU to all WHH Volunteers and team members who made this gift possible.

For more information about the Winter Haven Hospital Foundation, please contact the Foundation at 863-291-6732 or whhfoundation@baycare.org